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Latest Stayuncle Coupons & Offers | Flat Rs.200 Off + Cashback

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Exclusive Free Love Kit for any Stay Booking  VISHKIT All Users
Chennai Couple Hotels Starts @ Rs.1400  Active deals All Users
Bhubaneswar Couple Hotels Starts @ Rs.1264  Active deals All Users

From birth till marriage if there is one topic that is shunned then it is having a quality relationship with the opposite sex before marriage. While the contrary exists everywhere, no one in India has the freedom to say even openly mingle to have intimate relations. This can be seen across the country by especially elders who are commonly referred to as Uncles & Aunties but a service aptly named after these strangers who take moral policing to their hands by providing a safe, trustworthy & flexible accommodation for unmarried couples across top metros called Stayuncle. Here you can book a room ranging from a day to even just 8 hrs to spend private quality time as couples with no hassles provided that you are above the age of 18 years & can provide valid ID proofs.

stayuncle coupon code
It has come to light in a time when India has progressed in almost every sphere of advancement but anything to do about love and public show of affection, unfortunately, isn't one of them. Be it a park, beach, or in the common areas of a community, even a common form of intimacy like holding hands is shunned leading to services offering privacy hospitality to grow rapidly. Stayuncle has more than 600 quality & premium hotels that operate with utmost hospitality giving no heed to make anyone uncomfortable that after serving 30k+ couples not a single incident has been ever reported. To make the service pocket-friendly Vishumoney offers exclusive Stayuncle coupons that lighten the final bill gets you Stayuncle credits & also provides a Cashback for every booking making it the only choice to find the best Stayuncle deals from. Have a date that you want to spend quality time with? Don't look further than Stayuncle coupons for the best Saving coupon code & head to Stayuncle from Vishumoney to get the most lavish Cashback on every booking

Why book rooms from Stayuncle for enjoying your private moments?

Gone are the days when you waited for your parents to go out of town or request a friend or colleague to use their homes or flats just to even hang out comfortably as there is very high supervision from cameras, watchmen, to neighbor uncles & aunties always there to comment, gossip or preach their orthodox views. Just like any country the youth of India are open to experimentation & try everything before they or make up their mind including relationships so to get away from such moral policing or scary consequences is why Stayuncle was created with many forward-thinking individuals who are comically termed as Uncles & Aunties of Stayuncle. From ensuring no discomfort from staff, safety & privacy to the highest levels to providing quality rooms that are free from Police checks or any other issues Stayuncle having started in 2014 has served a huge number of room booking all with just the condition of both the individuals needing to be above 18 years of age providing valid ids. The cost is wholly justified on the good rooms with various facilities, no need for any concerns & flexibility to book for less than a day making it very advantageous to all. If you wished they were more accessible, that's where Vishumoney comes in with the latest & exclusive Stayuncle coupons & deals that cut the bill significantly & also offering lavish cashback for every booking. So don't think twice when you have plans to spend quality time, just book a room in Stayuncle from Vishumoney.

Stayuncle offers a safety-first approach for the right causes

Stayuncle offers a unique escape for the young population of India searching for a room to have a private time together. India is progressing at a rapid pace and with it the mentality of the people, but they still exist a conservative barrier. Due to this issue couples who want to spend some quality time together struggle to find a decent place of accommodation even in the rapidly growing metros of India. Stayuncle has introduced rooms specifically for couples looking out for a safe and comfortable environment to spend their time in. With restrictions and access for all couples regardless of their age, the only requirement that stands in the way is the need to show any local IDs. The promise of no questions asked is also a boon for them as it adds to the privacy of their stay.

Stayuncle aims to stand up against the rest and eradicate the instances of moral policing of couples in the name of Indian culture. India notorious for its discontentment, abuses, and attacks towards unsuspecting couples justifies the act claiming that their behavior is against the said Indian culture. Stayuncle guarantees the guests a trouble-free stay with all the exclusivity and anonymity that is required by the couples, providing a safe and secure environment to have their intimate moments. Stayuncle offers its facilities in more than 40 cities in India and has a stable of more than 600 plus hotels for couples to choose from. The knowledge of safety and security provides towards the experience of the stay and ultimately the satisfaction of the guests giving them the confidence of no disturbance and issues from an external element. Further, by applying the Stayuncle coupon code from Vishumoney you can unlock the best discounts and deals for your stay and in turn, get amazing cashback with the bookings.

Defining a generation that is carefree and independent

Stayuncle is representing the new and bold generation in India, slowly changing the mindset of the hoteliers. There is virtually no law that prohibits unmarried couples from renting a room as long as they have a government-issued identity card. Addressing the issues faced by the couples, Stayuncle has even introduced a new way of booking hotels where you can choose hotel rooms for the duration of 8-12 hours, instead of the whole 24 hour stays that are offered by the hotels. By keeping the cost low and giving the option for a shorter stay, Stayuncle is the ideal partner for booking hotel rooms for couples in need of complete privacy.

While you select your preferred hotels don’t forget to check out the Stayuncle coupons from Vishumoney to get the best deals and discounts for your bookings and also get a guaranteed cashback. To make the stay easier for the couples, Stayuncle has provided each room with Love Kits, which is a small bag of things that would make your private moments much memorable and enjoyable. Each and every room is set up with these Kits and it helps the couples to think of one less thing.

Why book your rooms with Stayuncle coupons from Vishumoney

Stayuncle offers the best and premium hotel stays experience for couples who are looking for some privacy and a good time. Along with flexible check-in and duration of stay, Stayuncle helps to make sure you have a safe and secure time with your partner. To add to the convenience, Vishumoney offers an exclusive Stayuncle coupon code which helps you to get amazing offers and lavish discounts for your stays. You can also get awesome cashback with your bookings ensuring that you get the best saving from your stay. Using Vishumoney you can choose from a plethora of offers and discounts and in turn by applying the Stayuncle coupons, you get guaranteed cashback with your bookings. So, next time choose the best couple-friendly hotels near you and have a carefree and amazing time. Get the most out of your stay by applying the Stayuncle promo codes.

Payment modes that are accepted at Stayuncle

Stayuncle accepts a variety of payment modes for booking your ideal rooms including pay at the hotel after your stay. This is an innovative approach as it would be hard for anybody to cross-check cash transactions made at the hotel giving you anonymity and privacy in your affairs. Other payment options include payment through Credit or Debit cards, Net banking, and mobile wallets. You can also get amazing offers and discounts by applying the Stayuncle coupons that are available on Vishumoney. This will also guarantee you a lavish cashback with all your transactions. With an option to pay online as well as offline Stayuncle offers supreme flexibility for booking your favorite rooms and Vishumoney rewards you for making the transactions with the Stayuncle coupons.

Choose Stayuncle for the best times behind closed doors

Stayuncle provides the best services that are both convenient as well as value for money for couples who are looking to enjoy some privacy behind closed doors. Set out to revolutionize and challenge the whole norm and culture of the hotel industry, Stayuncle offers a guaranteed no question asked to stay for you and your partner at its listed hotels. While giving you the best of the facilities, Stayuncle only charges nominal fees for your stay making sure the facilities can be utilized by couples from all financial flexibilities. Furthermore, you can avail of fantastic offers and discounts by applying Stayuncle coupons which help in giving you the best value for the money. While applying your Stayincle promo code from Vishumoney, you can avail of amazing cashback for the transactions that you have performed. Stayuncle has boldly tackled the problems couples face so that you can have a good time with your partner, without the hassles and problems that regular hotels may give you. So, enjoy your stay at Stayuncle and get the best for you and your partner.

How to use the Stayuncle coupon code?

  1. Find a StayUncle exclusive coupon or offer.
  2. Copy the StayUncle coupon code or visit the site.
  3. On the StayUncle app or site, browse for booking couple friendly hotels
  4. Sign in or sign up for a StayUncle account on the app or site.
  5. Book your hotel with the best price options
  6. Complete the payment on StayUncle with an exclusive discount applied.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs for StayUncle

Q1. What is the StayUncle love kit?
A. StayUncle love kit is a box containing a set of items inside, many couples would find needy during their stays in couple friendly hotels for their romantic date.

Q2. Why do I choose StayUncle over the others?
A. StayUncle is exclusively for booking couple-friendly hotels in India. They are safe and secure without hassle, providing sanitized hotels during the COVID19 pandemic.

Q3. How to find StayUncle in my city?
A. StayUncle is located in some of the major cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Noida, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Jaipur, Guwahati, Ahmadabad to name a few.

Customer care contact details of Stayuncle

City/Country Contact Details
  Call at +91 96969 66222
  Email to info@stayuncle.com
  For more help, chat stayuncle.com

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