About Us

VishumoneyTM is a collaborative digital platform whose primary objective is to help Users “Earn Money” in their digital pursuit. We monetize the attention and activities of Users by running exciting campaigns that recommend APP Installations, shopping offers and earning opportunities when a User promotes these campaigns or offers. A User can also participate in Surveys that he / she is eligible for and earn money.

VishumoneyTM is a brand fully owned and operated by Vish-U Unity Pvt. Ltd., a company incorporated as per the latest Company’s Act and laws applicable in India.

We are a team of passionate believers who are convinced that the digital revolution is decisive, definite and durable. In this digital odyssey, we also believe that there are several means that justify the end. We’ve enveloped our services by consolidating such avenues and have willfully diluted our focus in order to dilate your vision.

In its simplest form, VishumoneyTM is a digital wallet that monetizes your attention. It extends to serve as a platform that fosters relevance over perseverance. It helps advertisers to be heard rather than shout to be noticed, while eliminating semantics for the Users by curating offers that they are inclined to consider, rather than squander time sifting through what is presently irrelevant. In order to achieve this objective, we invest our time in obtaining thoughtful insights of their preferences with meticulously crafted surveys and a judicious analysis of their behavioral footprints.