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Health is wealth.No one can enjoy their life if health is lost even if they are rich. We should follow a healthy lifestyle and should monitor their health regularly. Diabetes is a peculiar condition for humans and is a disease that can not be cured. It can not be prevented the only choice is to maintain the same or we can reduce to the normal level and maintain it at the same level. BeatO offers you the service in which a customer can use technology to monitor his/her diabetes levels.

Getting checked every time at a laboratory is of high expense so BeatO offers you a simple gadget to all your problems. This gadget along with the app and other products gives a user a single-step solution to all the problems. It can be a gift to the adorable one or a gift to yourself to keep your health in excellent status. only need your smartphone and our BeatO glucometer. BeatO offers you app service which a customer can have a record of all their previous data. To avail, lavish cashback offers and discounts use BeatO coupons through Vishumoney. 

India is well known as the diabetes capital of the world. World Health Organization (WHO) recently found that the number of people with diabetes is rising very dramatically in middle and low-income countries, the forecasting says that there will be around 100 million are going to be diabetic by 2030. BeatO aims to empower the journey of diabetic people with tools that can manage their sugar levels. They have a vision in which BeatO offers small and nimble health and the tech-focused team comprising of top talent that brings in the passion and desire to roll out the best user experience for a diabetic in managing their health. BeatO offers service for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, with the real-life practical know-how of diabetes and how to beat it.

It all started in 2015 by Gautam Chopra being the co-founder and CEO of BeatO. He worked as a commercial initiative within the airline sector in Europe for 6 years. Being an MBA graduate from the Indian School of Business Hyderabad. He founded BeatO along with his friends. Yash who had worked with a large corporate house in Europe and has more than 16 years of experience, and his school friend Gautam Chopra, together decided to start BeatO in 2015. There is a huge gap in servicing healthcare for chronic conditions needed to be taken care of. The co-founders raised money from family and friends to develop the initial app and device.they have their own team of 40 members and is done by using references. This platform provides information products for diabetes management. BeatO offers services to 50,000 diabetic customers in over 1,500 cities since 2017 and at present, it is having 15,000 transactions in a month. The app is downloaded 10,00,000 plus times in the Google app store.

Various BeatO products and services

Beato has a products range such as BeatO glucometer, Beato glucometer strips, Food for diabetics, Doctor service, Medicines, Lab tests, Health care devices, Detox drinks, Lifestyle products

What is a BeatO smartphone glucometer?

Beato smartphone glucometer is a device that is used for determining the approximate glucose levels in the blood. It consists of Beato glucometer strips and an electronic device that measures the sugar levels in the blood. This is known as home blood glucose monitoring. This is done by taking a small drop of blood from your finger trips and added it to the Beato glucometer strips.

Beato glucometer strips

These are test strips used to determine the glucose level in the body through blood samples. This usually changes color but the strips change color only gives you the visual image which may not be accurate. To overcome this problem BeatO glucometer strips give accurate results connected to the BeatO glucometer. This is connected to the app for accurate results.

Food for diabetics

The food that we eat is what we are, to overcome all the illnesses and conditions one should manage their diet. To give a one-step solution to all BeatO offers you food in their products. Guilt-free consumption (GFC) is a process which is to minimize the guilt content in the food we take in the diet. This is a kind of ethical consumption of food for diabetic persons. To serve at its best BeatO offers guilt-free products like sunflower seeds, black pepper, ragi jor-chili lime, chatpat masala, chili lemon, black salt, chips, flax seeds, masala Oats, brown rice, red rice, muesli, etc.

Detox drinks

Detoxification of the body is required for everyone. It is cleaning the body from toxic materials, toxic material continuously accumulates in the body this gives short term and long term problems for the individuals. Normal activities for detoxing are dieting, fasting, avoiding certain foods, etc. A diabetic cannot fast, but they have to maintain the diet. BeatO offers a wide variety of detox drinks such as green coffee, tea, amla juice, aloe vera juice, Jamun juice, karela vinegar, apple cider, apple cider vinegar.

Ayurveda health

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian born medicine which is with less or no side effects. This gives you strength slowly one can opt to ayurvedic medicine completely. This gives an extra boost to the health and increases the immune system as the side effects are very less this is more preferred medicine. BeatO offers you various medicines for heart, respiration, bowel movement, sugar-free oil, skin products, kidney, cholesterol, liver, stress, pain, digestion, etc.

Doctor service

Being diabetic is becoming a normal phenomenon in India. It is a regular condition so it is not possible to visit a doctor daily for treatment. Some problems can be addressed from home itself. To fill this gap BeatO offers an excellent service to its users. This is a phone service you can contact a doctor through the phone. Doctors help you in maintaining the sugar levels and decreasing the sugar levels. The dietician is also available who give suggestions on what food to be taken. They give quick feedback on how to maintain your health and what and when to eat. Simple prescriptions and medicines will be directed through the phone itself.

What do BeatO products do?

The BeatO offers an app and BeatO glucometer, BeatO glucometer is connected to a smartphone through the app along with Beato glucometer strips to detect sugar levels which are plugged into the audio jack of the smartphone or to the charging port. The app contains a digital diary that autosaves all the readings. This is organized on a day to day basis. The glucometer takes reading similarly as a piece of traditional equipment that takes the reading.

BeatO offers various services some of them are that users can analyze the readings, there is a share option in which the user can share the details with the caretakers. This is an option that BeatO offers the users where you can set alarm alerts when the sugar is high or low directly sent to the caretakers. The readings are color-coded for various levels. BeatO offers the service of the doctors and dieticians who are specialists in diabetic care. They give suggestions and plans of diet etc to the customers on how to maintain health if the levels are high and low. This is done by focusing on a solution which is a combination of technology and healthcare this is all around the user as a center.

Cover to Cover diabetes management

The BeatO offers everything diabetes-related in its app. It has nutrition tools that provide help to the users to identify what is the food that has to be taken. The quality and quantity are also provided. The glycemic? (this a measure of carbohydrate-rich food that rise the sugar levels in the blood). BeatO offers a unique service which type of food should be included in your diet such as cereals, snacks, seeds, beans, detox drinks, vegetables organic rice, etc. users can connect their fitness bands with the app, this helps in managing their health.

There is a special section in the app in which BeatO offers blogs, videos, healthy recipes, tips by qualified doctors. BeatO offers yoga for diabetics, along with all this it also offers insurance to diabetics which is very cost-effective.

Something different that BeatO products offer Diabetes is a condition that is to be managed daily. It is not possible to visit the doctor daily for assistance. So the BeatO offers a one-stop solution to its users. With this, all solutions a user can address all his problems at one go. BeatO offers a one-stop solution to its users. There are multiple things that must be taken care of by a diabetic person, they are Diet, Exercise, Medicines, Lifestyle, etc.

All this needs time and knowledge and effort. BeatO offers the service in such a way that a person who knows nothing about the care to be taken when they are diabetic, also can become a pro in managing their health with the app.

The weight of the device which BeatO offers is just nine grams which is very low compared to other providers. This is achieved by a lot of trial and error methods. Now the device is very light and very easy to use. This device's easy fit in the pocket is a challenge that BeatO solved. There must be a strategy which the company has to address all the population in India. The diabetic population in India is very huge and unscalable. The product is having all the necessary certificates needed. BeatO is having FSSAI-registered and GMP-certified facilities in India. Their glucometers and strips that BeatO offers are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 certified from China and India.

The smartphone glucometer is easily available on the BeatO website and on the app. Beato coupons from Vishumoney offers you a lavish cashback. BeatO's food and retail are available only via their app and website. The food and snacks are priced between Rs 100 and Rs 250. The Delhi-based startup currently competes with Wellthy Therapeutics, which operates in the same space. BeatO is using the funds to expand its user base and revenue. The team also plans to increase what BeatO offers to its users, investing a lot in Research & Development (R&D;), and upgrade its platform for auto-suggestions based on blood sugar readings.

BeatO offers quick and fast delivery to its customers. Don't be late hurry up and get the deals and products. BeatO makes life easier for you and for your adorable once. Modern life has become very fast and high tasked. To reach all your expectations BeatO groomed itself to large extent.

BeatO provides services in all cities, towns, and even to many rural areas. Order the kit today and get delivered at your doorstep. The service which BeatO offers is at its best. A prospective customer can get all products at a huge discount by using Beato coupons provided by Vishumoney, apply the BeatO coupon code while placing the order to get lavish cashbacks.

There are various BeatO coupon codes for each product that BeatO offers. All the coupon codes lead you to great discounts and cash backs on products. You can make all the payments through digital wallets like Paytm phone pay etc or credit/debit cards along with offers provided by BeatO Vishumoney offers you BeatO coupon codes this BeatO coupon gives you extra cashback or discounts add an extra cherry to your deals.

Customer care contact details of BeatO

For help and support, visit https://www.beatoapp.com/contact or call customer care number 7863023286 or write an email contact@beatoapp.com

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