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The royal biryani from Turkey has invaded the shores of our country bringing with it aromatic, tender, and compelling flavors called Behrouz biryani right to your homes. Behrouz biryani is a royal classical delight that was the regular indulgence of the elite and the royalty in the ancient kingdom of Behrouz. Now, Order the finest biryani at a click of a button, and get exceptional veg, chicken, or mutton biryani available in your city, and even get discounts with exclusive Behrouz biryani coupons. These biryanis are made with ingredients that are kept secret and intense cooking processes ensuring your taste buds feel the tickle as you indulge yourself in the pleasure of Behrouz biryani. Behrouz biryani offers us the tastiest biryani that you can manage to get in your area and the easy access with fast home delivery makes it easier for you to order and indulge.

Now available for party orders and bulk orders you can entertain all your friends and family by ordering the best biryani you can find, as you find a choice of 12 dum biryanis to choose from and brought directly to your home. With a presence in more than 1000 locations in India, the legendary Behrouz biryani is your ultimate one-stop-shop for any and all biryani cravings with easy and convenient home delivery. You can now get the best deals and discounts with each of the purchases of your desired biryani with the exclusive Behrouz biryani coupons at Vishumoney. Additionally, you also get to make considerable savings on your buying with their offerings of generous cashback towards all of the Behrouz biryani orders made from Vishumoney.

Rich biryani with an illustrious history and timeless taste

Behrouz biryani brings the ancient recipes of the classical grand biryani, which are aromatic, flavorful, and specially made for the noble and illustrious of people guaranteeing you a succulent meal. Behrouz biryani offers this rich tradition to India, to give you the first-hand experience of the royal meal all from the comfort and privacy of your home. The amazingly good and aromatic biryanis are prepared fresh to solve all your hunger blues and give you a sense of satisfaction with each and every bite. Behrouz biryani offers amazing chicken and mutton biryanis just for your indulgence and they have not left out the vegetarians as you can get luscious vegetarian biryani packed with flavor and taste. No matter if you are Veg or NonVeg, get the best discountS for your favorite biryani with the lavish Behrouz biryani coupons.

As a meal is not complete without a dessert, they provide a variety of desserts to fulfill your sugar cravings to go with your biryanis. Don't worry about your biryani getting late and losing freshness as Behrouz biryani is very strict about the delivery timings and getting the food delivered on time. Further, as a delight to all biryani lovers, Behrouz biryani offers much variety of biryanis serving a total of 14 different types of dum biryani all cooked to perfection and also offers 3 types of Kebabs and 2 types of deserts in the menu. To get the food of the Nawabs accessible to every major location in India, Behrouz biryanis have a presence of 1000 locations in India, making sure your favorite biryani is not so far away.

So, every time you get the hunger for an amazing biryani experience, just order them easily from the Behrouz biryani also get them at amazing discounts delivered straight to your home. Behrouz biryani even offers amazing King size and Kilo biryani for every one of your parties and gatherings. With this you got your event covered, and also provide your guests with some impressive and amazing biryanis online and get them delivered straight to your location. While ordering your favorite biryani, do not forget to apply the Behrouz biryani coupon code and avail of exciting and the best deals and discounts for your order. Lastly, you can get amazing cashback and offers for all your orders by using the Behrouz biryani coupon available on Vishumoney.

Behrouz biryani offers an authentic and appetizing menu

There are times you feel that there may be a few more varieties of biryanis as you are tired of tasting the same preparation of chicken biryani and mutton biryani every time. Don't worry, Behrouz biryanis have got you covered with the widest variety and choices in biryani, guaranteeing you never run out of options. With an impressive range of 14 dum biryani and a whole lot of side dishes, you are sure to find your favorites and more. The main types of biryani that Behrouz biryani exclusively offers are:

Mutton biryani: This is the first and foremost biryani that was created by the legendary chef Bahryani and was famously known as the Dum Gosht biryani. It has always been a royal favorite since the time of inception and continues to be a crowd-pleaser. Apply Behrouz Briyani coupon code for discounts and offers.

Veg biryani: Veg biryani offers that identical ancient taste and possesses the goodness of vegetables added into it. The excellent varieties of Veg biryani that are available on Behrouz biryani are Zaikdar paneer biryani, Subz e falafel biryani, and more. Don't forget to apply the Behrouz biryani coupon code to more offers

Chicken biryani: Chicken biryani is one of the very popular forms of biryani, and in the kingdom of Behrouz, the primary ingredients used was chicken. Chef Bahryanis has made 4 amazing recipes for chicken biryani called Murg Makhni, Lazeez Murgh Biryani, and more.

Bringing you all the authentic and original biryanis with the best flavors and the recipes that you will certainly delight you and leave lasting memories. Along with all the types of biryanis, Behrouz biryani also gives you a wide variety for each biryani bringing you freedom and happiness of choosing from all of them. Some of the major categories that are available on Behrouz biryanis are Shahi Khwan, Shahi Biryani, Kingsize biryani, Kilo biryani, Kebab Koobideh, Shirin & Sherbet, and the biryani combos. Get them at a discounted rate by applying the Behrouz biryani coupon code while checking out.

Kilo biryanis are a new concept that Behrouz biryani offers which are well and nicely layered biryanis and chicken to spiced and grilled meats and falafel tikkis. These are straight away brought from the streets of ancient Behrouz and would help to cater to 4-5 people at once. It is also convenient as can be the perfect host for your home parties and corporate get together. This is a value for money offer as the biryanis start at Rs 1000 and are perfect for celebrations and parties. The Kilo biryanis are over 12 varieties including veg, paneer, chicken, and mutton. Behrouz biryani lets you enjoy the party as they will take care of them by being the best host by providing the finest biryanis in town. Next time you know whom to call to get your parties sorted.

Behrouz biryani offers a wide presence with easy ordering

Behrouz biryani offers the widest reach and you can order your preferred biryani from every place of your choice. So like a King and a Queen you are no longer restricted and can order the layered rice and spices from the great house of biryani. When ordering, do apply the exclusive Behrouz Biryani coupon code for some of the latest deals and discounts that can be applied while checkout. These are the list of cities that Behrouz offers their amazing biryanis and have the best experience enjoying the biryani, they are Pune, Bangalore, Noida, Ghaziabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Indore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Vadodara, Bhopal, Nagpur, Faridabad, Hyderabad

Royal biryani from the Kings and queens

The royals always had their food exquisitely made with the finest ingredients and the best chefs from around the world, and always cared for the taste and quality of the food. It could be said that these biryanis were as close to perfect as possible and it is the same ancient recipe that has been adopted by Behrouz biryani to give you that royal experience of having biryani that is one of a kind. To make these amazing biryanis more accessible to all of us Vishumoney has introduced exclusive Behrouz biryani coupons to give you amazing discounts and deals that would give you significant savings on your purchases. You can also get amazing cashback on top of the discount saving you significant money on your purchases. So don't wait, order Behrouz biryani and also get the meal of the nawabs and also get amazing discounts with Vishumoney.

Now get amazing cashback for each and every purchase made by using Vishumoney by applying the Behrouz biryani coupon code while checking out.

Behrouz biryani offers Swift delivery and a variety of payment modes

Nowadays everyone is used to ordering their meals online as it gives you instant access to a number of restaurants to choose from and also gives you a number of discounts and offers to help you save money. The biggest advantage of ordering online is the home delivery. Usually, people travel to restaurants to have their meals but Behrouz biryanis bring you the finest biryanis in town. Further, you can get the entire meals delivered to your house that can be very convenient. You can also get amazing discounts on your purchases by applying the Behrouz biryani coupon code from Vishumoney.

Payment regarding your order is a very simple process as Behrouz biryani offers multiple ways to make your payment after the selection of your favorite biriyani. After the selection of your items, the total price of the items in the cart including the tax amount will be presented on your screen of the website or app while trying to place an order. Behrouz biryani offers some of the safest and easiest ways of payment including Credit/Debit card, Net banking and also offer you cash on delivery concerning your order. What's better is that you can pay with the help of your Mobile wallets as well, such as Freecharge, Paytm, Amazon pay, Phone Pe, Mobikwik. Additionally, you can get extra savings and offers by applying the available Behrouz biryani coupon code on Vishumoney at your checkout window.

Grab the soundest deals with Behrouz biryani coupons through Vishumoney

The good gets even better as your favorite biryani can be purchased by applying the exclusive Behrouz biryani coupons from Vishumoney and availing amazing discounts and offer for each and every purchase made. Further, get new offers that are updated every day so you can get exciting new deals by logging into Vishumoney and browsing all the available coupons that match your order. And you can also get amazing and exciting cashback and offers by purchasing from Vishumoney. This will give you additional savings for your purchases giving you peace of mind while staying light on your pocket. Additionally, Vishumoney offers you the freedom to get the greatest from Behrouz biryani including the same wide selection at the discounted price with the help of Behrouz biryani coupons.

Customer care contact details of Behrouz biryani

For help and support call Behrouz biryani's customer care number 7700050050 or write an email mehfil@behrouzbiryani.com 

How to avail of the best Coupon Code or offer on Vishumoney?

  • The whole process to order food with the best Behrouz biryani offers is very simple.
  • Find an amazing Behrouz biryani coupon or offer from Vishumoney.
  • Copy the Behrouz biryani coupon code or visit the site through our offer link.
  • In the Behrouz biryani site, browse through the variety of mains & meals to pick.
  • Choose starters, beverages, or desserts to go along with it.
  • Login to your Behrouz biryani acc or sign up by entering your details.
  • On the payment page, paste the coupon code for the discount.
  • Complete the payment for your order in Behrouz biryani at the best price.