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Latest Drivezy Coupons & Offers | Flat 20% Cashback on Repeat Booking

Discount Value Drivezy Coupon Code Validity
Flat 15% OFF + 5% Cashback New Users Exclusive Coupon New Users
Flat 10% OFF + 5% Cashback All Users Exclusive Coupon All Users
PayPal Offer - Flat 50% Cashback Cashback up to Rs.500 All Users

Just moved into town, visiting a place for a few days, or need to go around for some occasion? Do it with ease, convenience yet lite on your wallet with Drivezy self-drive car and bike rentals. Reduce the overhead cost of owning a car or bike, spending on inconvenient public transport or expensive taxi cabs when you know to drive yourself be it a car or bike.


Drivezy has it all from a basic selection of two and four-wheelers to Cruisers, MPVs, SUVs, and more but that's not even the best part. The best part is that you can get it all at really affordable prices served in your need and convenience. Top it all off with more savings exclusive Drivezy coupons to lighten your final bill + lavish Cashback for every booking only with Vishumoney exclusive Drivezy Coupons that save big and rewards bigger. Thinking of going around in traditional transport options again? Just Drivezy it!

Why rent from Drivezy for your commuting needs?

If there is one dream that every Indian from the middle class to the lower economic sections of the society all commonly have then it is to own a car or a bike along with others such as a house etc but the reality of the matter is that most of those people would not use the same enough to justify the investment or afford the operating costs. Enter Self Drive Car and Bike Rentals where one needs to just book or pick up a necessary vehicle for the time period required. But not all these self-drive rental services are worthwhile as their cons may range from a limited fleet, being expensive, not widely available, or reliable. The Drivezy Self Drive Car and Bike Rental platform aims to address all those issues along with more benefits to the consumers and the environment. A wide range of popular vehicles of different types is available to rent on Drivezy such as:


Cars are vehicles that were primarily designed for more members to travel together like families, a group of friends, colleagues, etc but as not many can afford them renting is a great option. But the number of passengers to the location they are driving to may vary needing different types of cars. Which is why Drivezy offers a wide range of affordable option listed below:

  • Compact hatchbacks like - Maruti Suzuki Alto, Renault Kwid, Maruti Suzuki Celerio, Hyundai Eon, and more with the best Drivezy coupon code for car
  • Comfortable hatchbacks like - Maruti Suzuki WagonR, Hyundai Grand i10, Tata Bolt, and more using Drivezy coupon code
  • Sporty hatchbacks like - Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i20, Maruti Suzuki Baleno, and more with top Drivezy promo code
  • Executive sedans like - Honda City, Hyundai Verna with Drivezy promo code
  • Compact to full-size SUVs like - Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Honda WR V, Toyota Fortuner and more using Drivezy coupons

Bikes and scooters

But on most occasions, you may just need to go to a place alone or with one another person. Bikes or scooters are just perfect for such occasions be it some work within the city or a trip to beat the blues and renting may just be enough most of the time. Drivezy offers a wide range of bikes and scooters that are from the commuter to the tourer sections such as:

  • Barebones commuters like - Honda Navi, Honda CliQ, and more at the best deal using Drivezy coupons
  • Automatic scooters like - Honda Dio, TVS Jupiter, Honda Activa, and more at the lowest price using our Drivezy offers
  • Stylish scooters like - Piaggio Vespa, Yamaha Fascino, and more with fuel redeeming our Drivezy promo code
  • Fast 150cc bikes like - Honda CB Hornet, Yamaha FZ, Honda X Blade, and more applying our Drivezy coupon for bikes
  • Sporty 200cc bikes like - Bajaj Pulsar NS200, KTM RC 200, TVS Apache 200, KTM Duke 200, and more for an affordable trip with our Drivezy offers
  • High capacity cruisers like - Honda CBR 250, Royal Enfield Classic, Bajaj Dominar, Royal Enfield Thunderbird, and more at crazy low tariff using our Drivezy coupon for bikes
Drivezy has highly competitive prices with wide availability in top metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc quickly expanding to towns and rural India.

Why is Drivezy a win-win for vehicle owners, self driver hirers, and itself?

The Drivezy platform provides an opportunity for those with multiple or rarely used vehicles to list and earn from the same thereby reducing the cost of acquiring them by Drivezy itself making it a lean and effective platform. Lastly, if you are planning to go around the city economically, just book a car or bike on Drivezy self-rental platform through Vishumoney to enjoy the best offers with additional Cashback on every transaction. The whole system is highly beneficial to each other and the environment as there are many who may have bought one or more vehicles of the assumption that they may use it extensively.

But the reality is far from it which is why Drivezy addresses the shortcomings of both the parties: the vehicle owners and the ones in need of a vehicle at times interact with a system that connects them seamlessly. What is more is that, while there are many services that provide vehicles for self-rental like Zoomcar, car on rent, Myles, etc, they fail to address the issue of over-accumulation of these vehicles which helps justify the car manufacturers.

Drivezy makes use of the available resources which in this case are vehicles owned by the people who hardly use them and connects them to the people who cannot afford to own one and need it occasionally. This makes both of them win as the vehicle owner earns additional income from his vehicles and the vehicle hirer gets to use one for their requirement at a highly affordable cost. While Drivezy makes this happen, we at Vishumoney are on the side of the vehicle hirer encouraging all to spend smart with our Exclusive Drivezy offers, and save more on every rental you avail on Drivezy. That is not all, we reward you for the same with lavish Cashback every time you book a self drive rental car or bike from Drivezy using our Drivezy coupons.

Why makes Drivezy the best self drive rental service?

Apart from not owning any cars and connecting vehicle owners and hirers, there is a lot going for Drivezy that makes it the best self drive rental service there is. Some of their best features are:

Lowest age booking on Drivezy

On Drivezy you can book a car or bike if you are of just 18 years or older. So, gone are the days when you needed someone like your dad, older siblings, or others who are elder to experience a fun trip, run errands, or anything else as Drivezy gives you the freedom to book a vehicle and use it as soon as you are an adult. While the hurdle of age is away, Vishumoney brings you the best Drivezy offers to reduce your tariff thereby you do not have to spend a lot of pocket money or lighten your wallet much to afford it.

Prices that suits your requirement

While there are many other self-drive rental services, Drivezy offers prices that clearly suit your requirements. That is you can book for just a few hours, a few days, a couple of weeks, or even months at a time based on which your hourly rate changes. Plan your requirements properly and choose the best option on Drivezy as they even offer prices with or without fuel making the whole process highly hassle-free. Your hourly rates reduce on booking for a longer period of time and without fuel on Drivezy. Vishumoney helps you get the rates much lower and all you need to do is use our exclusive Drivezy coupon on every booking. Also, get additional Cashback on every Drivezy booking as an added bonus.

Book without any security deposit

Most of the time when we book self-drive vehicles, there is an added burden even though the security deposit is refundable and varies from the vehicle chosen to the time of your booking period. Not many may have the additional funds which are why Drivezy offers you to book any vehicle without the need to pay any security deposit. So get booking for a fun trip with family or friends at more affordable rates on Drivezy using Drivezy coupons.

Option to split payments

Split the booking cost with your friends easily on Drivezy with the Split payments option. No need for one person to take all the burden as you can send links to your friends to make payments of their share easily. You also get features like reminders and personalized Drivezy offers to each of them, so just rent on Drivezy with peace. You can reduce the share of each friend just by redeeming our exclusive Drivezy coupon code and also get cashback every time you do so.

Get refunds instantly

If you change your mind after booking or paid for a longer duration but returned the vehicle earlier, do not worry about refunds anymore. On Drivezy get refunds instantly to your original mode of payment as soon as you place a request for it. This way you do not have to wait for days or even weeks that other services take as Drivezy offers instant refunds at any time. Book using our Drivezy offers for the lowest price plus extra Cashback and if you cannot make it, just cancel to request a refund and get it instantly. 

Get your Vehicle delivered to your doorstep

Another hassle of self-drive rental services is the need to commute to their stations or parking that may be far or inconvenient to travel. This is why Drivezy offers home delivery of your chosen vehicle reducing the need to travel to it and waste time. Not just that as Drivezy also offers home pickup in which once you are done with the trip and you are all tired, get it picked up by Drivezy itself making it highly convenient. Add the convenience of saving on your booking by redeeming our exclusive Drivezy coupons for the highest discounts and lavish cashback every time you book on Drivezy. 

How can I get Drivezy Coupon Code?

  1. Find an amazing Drivezy coupon code online.
  2. Copy the Drivezy coupon code or visit the site.
  3. On the Drivezy site, browse through the range of Cars and Bikes to choose from.
  4. Specify the pick up and drop date, time to get a quote.
  5. Login to your Drivezy account or sign-up by entering your details.
  6. On the payment page, paste the coupon code for the best discount.

How can I get Drivezy Coupon Code?