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Getting Started
We intend to verify that you are a genuine user, who is keen to work towards financial freedom. We also intend to verify that you are of legal age to participate in some of the tasks on our website and utilize offers that require a minimum age limit.
Accurate information helps us to curate offers that are most suitable and appeal to your liking. It also helps us build relevance with our advertisers who find it useful to engage with an audience that is perceptive and connects to a product, service or a brand.
We do not share any of the personal information provided by you. When we make an announcement of a User winning a contest or outperforming the others, we prefer to use their nickname and have made a provision for this, right at the beginning. We are only obliged to share sensitive, personal information if an officer of the law makes a valid and convincing representation to do so.
While we promote our site and proliferate the promise of "financial freedom", word of mouth is critical to our success and in catering to a larger audience. We suggest that you sign up, use the services offered by the website and then recommend them to your friends and contacts who could benefit from it.
The website is impartial to all users, but is designed to reward loyalty and seniority. Without any inherent bias, Users who are more regular than the others may receive more offers. The site may also choose Users who have registered earlier to participate in certain campaigns.
Apart from opportunities to participate and win in our contests, the website offers a perpetual income opportunity, as long as brands choose to advertise. With the digital Ad revenue offering the largest growth, it is pretty unlikely that this will cease to deliver in the near future. To know more about this you may be interested in the section "How it Works?"
How to Earn Money ?
Quite frankly, there is no "tougher" method to earn money on the website. Some opportunities are instant and some require a process of validation and could take time. However, the easiest way to start is to complete your profile. Completion of every section of the profile qualifies you to earn Instant money and Vishes. Our section that highlights "Instant Money" lists simple tasks like downloading an APP, participating in a Survey or watching a Video. Downloading our Browser Extension could be an ideal beginning.
Isn’t that thoughtful for us to address? When you use a coupon, avail a discount or grab a deal that provides you with a choice of your product or service at a price lower than what the market offers, you end up saving. Vishumoney sweetens the deal by providing you with Vishes, in addition to the amount that you save. Vishes are nothing but Money waiting to mature.
Some of the simple tasks are self-validating. Your completion of your profile or watching a promotional video. Some of the purchases happen on a partner site and proof of purchase needs to be validated. Some of the other promotions may require your friends to participate in a suggested campaign. Those campaigns that need some time for validation take a longer time for you to earn.
The website offers equal opportunities to every User to earn. However, the algorithms, built to improve conversion ratios, and the structure of the site that involves User"s hierarchy or status, could offer more avenues to those Users who are loyal, have a senior status and whose conversion ratios are better than the others. Therefore, we recommend that you promote offers to those friends who are most likely to use them and keep us on top of your schedule.
How to win?
While catering to a diverse audience, we’d love to reward a lucky User to win either money or prizes. The contest is my voluntary participation, where Vishes are pledged by each User, closes after the number of eligible entries are available and the winner is announced. There are special occasions when some of our advertisers hold an additional contest. So, do look out for our contests.
Participation is a "Contest" is an opportunity to convert your Vishes to money, even before they have matured. Some contests only require you to pledge Vishes and some of them require you to ask a simple question, identify a place or a person or make a suitable choice when options are presented. For example, by pledging 200 Vishes, you could earn up to Rs. 2000/- , if you are chosen as the winner. In addition to this, it helps you increase your knowledge base.
User privileges and redemption
We accord all Users with the same privileges when they sign up. However, to ensure that everybody gets a fair chance to participate in our campaigns, there could be an upper limit in the number of tasks or campaigns that a User can participate in a day. The site has a "surprise" in store for Users who maximize the opportunities provided and have accumulated a minimum number of Vishes. At the appropriate time, such Users are intimated about a "Status upgrade" provision that provides additional privileges.
The "Wallet" section clearly displays the amount earned in rupees, which can be freely moved to a wallet of your choice, like PayTM or your bank account, or used to recharge your mobile phone or pay bills. The Vishes earned mature into rupees after a certain number of days and an option to convert Vishes to Rupees would appear in your wallet. Vishes can also redeemed on the offers that are provided on our site. For example, there could be an offer to redeem 2000 Vishes to buy a movie ticket. There could also be offers that are combined, where you pay rupees 100/- and redeem 1000 Vishes for the same ticket.
Vishes earned through our campaigns mature over a period of time. Once, the gestation period is over, these appear as Vishes which can be converted to rupees, with 10 Vishes equivalent to 1 rupee. Users who have a higher status can convert these at relatively shorter intervals. The website would be setting up a marketplace to enable Users to transfer Vishes to each other at a small transaction fee. Premature conversion of Vishes to Rupees would be offered subsequently. However, all the Vishes earned by a User are eventually converted to Rupees if they are not redeemed against offers, or pledged to participate in a Contest.
Disputes resolution
There could be several reasons for this. You may have tried to download an APP that was previously installed on your phone. Such an attempt may not be rewarded. You may have exceeded the limit on the number of campaigns that you are allowed to participate in on a particular day. You can try to do this on a later date. There could be a latency in validating the outcome of the campaign and this could take time. Patience surely pays. Your account may have been suspended for a suspected violation of the Terms of Use. If you are convinced that all these do not apply, you are welcome to raise a ticket through our Support section. We’d be obliged to resolve it.
The website carefully records every transaction and provides Users with a history of transactions, along with the available balances. We take regular backup of such data to prevent misuse. There could be a temporary update that we are running and this should be sorted out in the normal course. Feel free to continue to use the site. You can always reach out to us if this issue persists.
Vishumoney aggregates and hosts content in the form of discounts, coupons and offers from several online stores and other 3rd party sellers. The successful completion of a transaction is therefore incumbent on several factors that include, but are not limited to the validity of the offer on our partner site, the integration of the payment gateway, the internet connection itself, Server issues, banking glitches and so on. We would gladly represent your concerns for transactions that have not been successful and relentless pursue such incidents towards positive resolution.