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Latest Go Desi Coupons & Offers | Get Flat 10% Off On All Go Desi Candies

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Get Flat 10% OFF On All Go Desi Candies All Users

We have all at some time looked back at the good times in our childhood when it was carefree with fun. A part of this had to do with the sweets and snacks that we all used to love made by your mom, aunt, grandma, and others yearning to have it, and now you can from Go desi. Relish on the authentic homemade delicious candy, sweets, and savory snacks that Go Desi offers.

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Made from completely natural ingredients sourced locally and has no artificial colors or preservatives. All Go desi products are absolutely safe and healthy for all ages from kids to old people without any worry. Go Desi products are delivered swiftly to your home from their manufacturing centers via online order and delivery at the comfort of your home. You can get a better deal while ordering by applying our Go Desi coupons at checkout.

Go Desi with Food as Junk will Take away Health

Our Moms have always put our health first in cooking with nutrient-rich staples but as we grow up things change by the luring of junk food. It is a common misconception that for food to be tasty it has to be made using artificial flavors which is exactly what Go Desi proves with all their products. Be it a candy that normally has gelatin or other artificial flavors but what Go Desi offers are made by getting the same sweetness or sourness of natural ingredients like jaggery, tamarind, gooseberry, etc.

Go Desi aims to prevent you from eating bags of chips, candy, and other stuff which can be very harmful to your health and expensive too. Instead, gorge on their homemade items which can be nutritious too as otherwise would you have Gooseberry or Ginger Kashaya? Also if you want to save while placing an order for those delicious treats, just avail Go Desi coupons that will get you a good discount and additional cashback on every order.

Going Desi Means Helping the Rural Community

Most of the snacks we eat are made by big corporations that are owned by foreign MNCs that market simple products in an enticing way while making huge profits that do not benefit the local people in any manner. Go desi offers products that are 100% made in rural kitchens employing the local people thereby creating jobs all the while selling completely healthy items that you do not have to be very conscious of while eating. So the next time you plan to shop for some snacks think of your health and the common man by making the right choice of ordering from the Go Desi website.

All Candies and Snacks by Go Desi to Savour On

You may have has some or all of what Go Desi offers from a village store or someone who has it made for you before. But be rest assured that the taste of these items is just unmatched by modern junk food.

Imli Pops

If you wondered whether there was something like a lollipop that originated in India then you have got to try the Imli pop. With its Sweet, Sour, and spicy taste attached to a wooden stick, having it will surely bring out the kid in you. Get a bunch of them for less than a bag of candy or save more by availing of our GO Desi coupons while ordering.

Lemon Chaat

For those who like something sour but never got anything to match that craving than an actual lemon, you are in for a treat with Lemon Chaat. Get them in small bits that you will see yourself keep going back to are actually real lemon peels that are dried up and flavored to get it Zest out.

Banana Bites

Another flavor that you wish could be candied is the famous Elaichi Banana that is full of nutrients that can be had as Banana Bites. Get instant energy with its high good carb content. Go Desi offers this item from bananas sourced in the Malnad region and is hand made by rural kitchens.

Amla Candies

Another memory some of you may have is the pestering to have Gooseberry or Amla at home. Chances are that some may have liked its sour taste when candied which you can get as Amla Candies only from GO Desi. Others definitely need to try it too so as an incentive, avail of the Go Desi coupon to save big and get treated for Cashback as well.

Jackfruit Bars

For those with a sweet tooth, Go Desi has a classic fruit candy that is delicious. The Jackfruit bars are one of its best-sellers as it is way healthier and nutritious than a chocolate bar while being sweet at the same time. Do not just let your mouth water and order it from Go Desi.


For some people chips are everything but they do not realize the harm it can do to them if overeaten. One of the best substitutes is snacks made from pulses and Go Desi offers is Chak-na that has a savory and crunchy taste going for it to munch on and on.

Ginger Kashaya

Kashaya - a word you may have heard that will make your face go blah is a home remedy drink that is more potent and effective than any health drink you know of. From improving immunity to treating general illness it can do it all. The Ginger Kashaya that Go Desi Offers can be your go-to strength tonic.


Want to order more than one product and also save some money, Go Desi offers combos that will get you complementing items with discounts. If that is not enough just avail Go desi coupons to bring your cost down even further and get some cashback as well.

How do I get a maximum discount on Go Desi products?

  1. Find a Go Desi exclusive coupon for products.
  2. Copy the Go Desi coupon code or visit the site.
  3. On the Go Desi site, browse for different products.
  4. Log-in or sign up for a Go Desi account.
  5. Shop for products of your choice and add them to the cart
  6. Apply exclusive Go Desi discount code on its payment page
  7. Complete the payment for your order in Go Desi with the best discount applied.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs for Medlife

Q1. What products I can buy on Go Desi?

A. You can buy regional foods such as Tangy Imli, Kaccha aam, Real aam, Imli pop to name a few from its productsΒ 

Q2. Where can I get the Go Desi Imli pop discount code?
A. Find exclusive coupons online to get a discount on Go Desi Imli pop and when you buy 2 or more packs get 15% up to 20% off from Go Desi.

Q3. Why choose the Go Desi gift box?
A. Go Desi gift box is suitable for all occasions, traditional recipes handpicked from rural kitchens and choicest Indian flavors in one box.

Customer care contact details of Go Desi

City/Country Contact Details
Β  Call at +91 9353756891 or +91 9664700985
Β  Email to welovetalking@godesi.in
Β  For any other support, visit godesi.in/pages/contact-us

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