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HealthXP offers all in one experience

HealthXP gives you a complete holistic experience when you purchase your nutrition and health supplements. Since it provides a whole range of services along with the best products in the market, you can get amazing products and services all in one place.

Some of the best offerings from HealthXP are:

Resources: All the valuable members of HealthXP are provided with access to thousands of write-ups and guides on workouts, to build big muscles, fitness, ultimate nutrition and general health and prevention of diseases. These articles are made from research, data and experts on the subject arranged in such a way that they will assist you in getting to your health goals that much sooner. Since everyone is different, the data and guides will walk you through the mandatory nutrition, fitness exercises, diet chart, monthly arrangements, and other additional things.

Creating a Plan: Creating a Plan is a crucial step in getting the best results in your fitness journey. The plan will range from diet plans, workout plans, ultimate nutrition and six pack nutrition plans. The free fitness plans Health XP offers include daily plans and tracking that will help you transform your body and health in no time.

A thriving community: Health XP has one of the fastest growing online communities in the country. This is a great source of inspiration and motivation as you can read and witness real-life stories of transformation of big muscles that are genuine. Here you can get guidance and access your targets and even communicate with the members. Get connected to the countrywide fitness forum exclusively with HealthXP website or APP.

Amazing store: Health XP store is an amazing place that gives you the best set of products that are genuine and authentic. These products are sourced from well-renowned importers who make sure the highest quality is met always. All the products at the Healthxp store and website come in through with an approved tag directly from the companies.

Goals and challenges: The goals and challenges help you to push yourself to the limits for building big muscles, with the best transformational results. The process is not a short term one but a lifestyle of change and progress. HealthXP stands in the center of many of the buyers transformational journeys.

A superior range of Health supplements on HealthXP

Health XP gives you the best ultimate nutrition supplements and health supplements than anywhere in the market. You can also get amazing products at amazing prices with the HealthXP store.  Some of the best categories in the Health XP are the Brands, Products stock clearance, and more. You can use the exclusive HealthXP coupons for the best deals and discounts. Further, by purchasing through Vishumoney, you get amazing cashback on every purchase. The different product categories offered on Health XP are:


The store lets you sort through the products as per their usage. Some of the major categories in the store are

Sports Nutrition: Sports nutrition includes proteins such as whey protein, whey protein isolate, protein whey, Protein Blends, Hydrolyzed Whey, Casein Proteins, Gainers like mass gainers, weight gainers and lean mass gainers, protein foods like protein bars, peanut butter, protein cookies, and apple cider vinegar. Pre/post-workout products, food and drinks, workout essentials and more are available. Some of the top products available in the protein whey category are Whey protein Muscleblaze, On Whey protein gold which are well known. It is one of the only websites that provide muscleblaze genuine and ISOpure whey protein. Get top genuine products at the lowest prices by availing Healthxp coupons and also get extra Cashback. 

Vitamins and supplements: Vitamins and supplements are some of the best performing categories giving a range of products for your ultimate nutrition needs. Get products like multivitamins for all age categories, Special supplements like fat loss supplements, CLA and others, Antioxidants extract like CoQ10, Grape Seed Extract, Alpha lipoic Acid, Minerals like calcium, iron zinc etc and all the varieties of vitamins and omega3 and 4. Based on your current deficiency or planned goal, choose the ultimate nutrition needs from the most effective brands without pinching your wallet by availing top Healthxp offers verified and updated on Vishumoney with the added benefit of getting Cashback for every purchase.

Ayurveda and herbs:  The important products that are available in this category are Essential herbs, Antioxidants extract, Weight Loss Herbs, Herbal Extract, Digestive care Herbs, Hair Growth herbs, and Testosterone Boosters. These are all the products that are available that will get you into the best shape of your life. These are products that have no side effects and can be used by anyone at any age for the best health and mental wellness. Buy them online by availing Healthxp coupons to keep yourself looking young and radiant all the time.

Fitness and Wellness: The fitness and wellness categories of the store have the best stock of products such as Fitness accessories like Smart Watches, Headphones. Fitness band, Training Belts and more. Get the best Vitamin and supplements, Ayurveda and other categories of products exclusively on HealthXP. You can even make a home gym with all the basic equipment such as dumbells, kettlebells, skipping ropes, exercise balls, etc all available at affordable prices by just applying the Healthxp coupon code from Vishumoney while you make the payment.  


HealthXP uses the best brands and the products that are top in the market and known for not only their quality but also for their performance and results. Since most of the major international brands are not available in India, HealthXP makes it a point to provide these international brands to the Indian customers at competitive rates. 

All the major brands are available on HealthXP and they have in house products too. The top 15 brands are Alimax, Alpino, Big muscles Fitwhey, Grenade, Muscletec, Myprotien, ISOPURE, Muscleblaze and more. They also keep adding in newer brands to go along with the already large catalog. You can purchase the best brand and get instant discounts by applying the HealthXP coupon code at the time of checkout.

Bulk purchase

Bulk Purchases is another option that is available exclusively on HealthXP. Bulk Purchases are easy and they give youre the best benefit for your purchase. Minimum order should be Rs 15,000 and the payment has to be made in advance with best deals using Healthxp discount codes. The exciting benefits make this process worth it as they give you amazing discounts on your purchases. You can also get addition off by applying the HealthXP Promo code and also grab the instant discount on all your orders.

The best value for money deals and amazing discounts

HealthXP offers amazing deals and offers to the customers to give them more value for their purchases. Some of the products that are found in the HealthXP catalog are exclusively available only on HealthXP India, and HealthXP offers its own in house range of products specifically made to give the best performance and results in the fastest time.
You can use the exclusive HealthXP promo codes at the time of the purchases to get amazing discounts on your purchase. Source the amazing HealthXP coupon code form Vishumoney and get the best discounts on your purchases.

Easy shipping returns and refund

HealthXP offers an easy purchasing process, where users can get the best products at the lowest prices. After the order is confirmed your order will ship to your given address. You will be able to access and see its live location and track it accordingly. The Health XP products will reach you within the stipulated time frame.

You can initiate a return on Health XP for the product if you are not satisfied or if the product has any defects. After the return is initiated the product is picked up by Health XP and your money is refunded into your account when a product has been inspected and verified from the companies end. If you have used the HealthXP coupon code, you will get back the amount after the deduction of the discount received at the time of the purchase.

HealthXP Customer Care Contact

#next HealthXP customer care support line 022-45420300, for your booking queries or complaints.
#next For corporate bookings, email to care@healthxp.in or call 022-45420300.
#next For any other queries or clarifications, visit this page