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Latest Quickride Coupons, Offers | Get Upto Rs 400 on Quick Ride Carpools 2021

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Get Upto Rs 400 on Quick Ride Carpools  VISH400 All Users
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Quick Ride is one of the best carpooling apps in our country which provides the real-time service of connecting people going on the same route at the same time. Quick Ride offers to replace the old and less efficient model of travel with technology-enabled carpooling and bike pool options. This will not only save you money but also help use the millions of seats left vacant in your cars and bikes. By perfecting the delivery Quick Ride has found success in connecting commuters, share the ride rates, and commute all while giving towards a greener and eco-friendly Earth.

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The platform allows you to join or host fellow riders traveling in the same direction and do it at a substantially lower cost than using public transport. Add to that the amazing Quick Ride promo codes that you can use to get the best discounts and deals for your ride and get cashback from Vishumoney for usage. Ridesharing has never been this easy with Quick Ride giving you the chance to grow your network and give towards our surroundings in a responsible way.

Quick ride aims to begin a greener future

We are faced with the problem of too many vehicles on the road every and the number keeps rising every day. This puts pressure on the scarce roads and parking spaces open to us and damages our ecosystem. Quick Ride offers to give you amazing options for your daily commutes with the option of ride-sharing. They give you easy and practical options of sharing a ride in real-time with people traveling on the same route. You can choose carpooling, bike pooling, and ridesharing, given both the rider as well as the ride taker are traveling on the same route. The rider can get the Quick Ride promo codes from Vishumoney and avail of exciting discounts and offers. Quick Ride offers a solution for both the rider with points as a reward and also the ride taker with easy access to rides at a fraction of the cost as opposed to public transport. The idea behind getting a ride at the cost of a bus is that it brings down the carbon footprint of more vehicles and provides better use of a resource such as vacant seats on cars and bikes

Quick Ride aims to bring the future of shared mobility to everyone by giving you access to become a rider or the ride taker and instantly catch a ride. As a rider, you can easily share your vacant seat on your car or bike and get paid for their commute. This is enabled and automated entirely through the app from the booking to the payment that is being made. The platform makes it easy for the ride takers as they will only be matched with the riders on the same course without any change of route to or from your office. So sharing a ride with your colleagues and other professionals can be a gratifying one as well in terms of monetary benefits, expanding your network, and helping to keep fewer vehicles on the road making it a one of a kind ridesharing platform in India. You can further get a special Quick Ride promo code and unlock amazing deals and discounts from Vishumoney.

A single platform with many ridesharing options

As a ridesharing platform, Quick Ride offers various options for sharing your ride. You can register your car or bike and use the empty seats to give a ride to fellow passengers from work. This helps you to share the expenses of your ride and make payments all securely with the Quick Ride app. The app further rewards you with points for offering the rides with others. These points can be then redeemed at petrol pumps making your rides highly economical while aiding against traffic jams and pollution. By using the Quick Ride promo code you can get further discounts and also avail of cashback from Vishumoney.

This end to end automated platform is easily the best in terms of user experience as it has 4.7 stars on Google Play. Quick Ride offers top-class usability to give you the best of rides be it a car or a bike and choose the riders whom you want to ride with. Bikepool and carpool are the future of transit in Indian cities and the Quick Ride promo code is a way to get easy rides to and from your work with minimum hassle at a reduced rate. So make the world a greener place by ride-sharing and reduce the carbon emission in our air.

Shared mobility made affordable with Quick Ride promo code

Affordability is at the core of Quick Ride and this is evident in the way the cost is structured for the ridesharing services. The ride taker has to pay a minimum of Rs 3 per km and this goes up to Rs 8. This puts the costing on par with a Volvo bus but gives you the freedom and comfort of riding in the car or a bike at your comfort. This is further increased with the usage of the Quick Ride promo code.

As for the rider they get points for every ride they offer and Quick Ride thus rewards them with points. These points can be used as petrol expenses at petrol pumps and to avail of other shared rides with Quick Ride.

You get the best value for money rides with the exclusive Quick Ride promo codes available on Vishumoney. This unlocks amazing discounts and deals that were previously not available to you. By applying Quick Ride coupons get lavish savings in the form of discounts and also get amazing cashback with each and every use of the coupon. So choose the best discounts and cashback by ride-sharing and also help the initiative of green and eco-friendly travel.

How does ridesharing work?

Ridesharing is a concept where you tag in on rides with others who are traveling on the same route as you. This is a mutually helpful process as the rider can fill the vacant seat which would otherwise go to waste and maximize the use of the resources and the ride taker is able to get a ride in a car or a bike without the hassle of public transport. Quick Ride offers you the option to be either the rider or the ride taker at a given point in time. They also give you the flexibility to switch between the roles anytime depending upon the situation. Apply the Quick Ride coupons for the best deals.

The process of ridesharing on Quick Ride is easy:

  1. Sign up: You can sign up and start a new account on the app and give your details and submit your documents in the app
  2. Connecting social media: The app prompts you to connect to your social media accounts and company details so as to verify your authenticity.
  3. Choose a role: You can either be a rider if you want to share your ride with fellow professionals who are traveling on the same route or be a ride taker and avoid the crowded buses,  high rate demanding taxi services, and auto-rickshaws with easy car ride at as low as the bus fare.
  4. Fare bidding: Ride takers have the option to post-ride offer with flexible fare and ride givers can post an offer to ride takers with flexible fare every time. You can use the exclusive Quick Ride promo code to get a lowered fare.
  5. Wallet: You can switch to a TMW card which can be used at all petrol pumps and the points you are rewarded from the rides are added to the card which can be used at your will at any petrol pump. You can also shift your points that you got to your fuel card or your Paytm wallet.
  6. Eco meter: You can view your eco meter that shows the worthy contributions you have made through carpooling and shows the distance.

Personalized features with added advantages

Quick Ride has partnered with some of the top IT firms to give you personalized ride-sharing from within your company and have currently 1 million-plus users on the platform sharing rides in most of the popular routes. Some of the features of Quick Ride are:

  • Security: Quick Ride offers a four-layer information system being your company, mobile number, social profiles, and community and user rating and reviews. You can restrict your choice within your company to even the same gender. Use the quick ride promo code for the best discounts.
  • Rewards and incentives: You can get highly economical rides with Quick Ride which are on par with a Volvo bus. The payment process is completely seamless and amounts can be shared easily without even discussing the app. The rider will be rewarded as per his/her choice of fare. The rider can further cash in the points in the app and use it to pay for petrol at the petrol pump. For the best deals apply the Quick Ride promo code.
  • The flexibility of timings: Quick Ride helps to connect with your ride instantly and then you only have to complete the transaction at the end of your ride. Your booking does not need you to start the ride immediately like other taxi apps. Quick Ride coupons help you get a lower fare on your rides.
  • Easy coordination: Inbuilt chat and live tracking give you the facility of easy coordination and when ride sharing.
  • Ride customization: You can customize mostly every aspect of your ride from the ride partners, sharing fees, and even the gender of your passenger.
  • Eco meter: View your performances on the eco meter and the contribution to the environment and carbon emission reduction with every ride that you have completed.

Cities where Quick Ride is available

Quick Ride is present in all the major cities in India and has good connectivity with most of the popular routes. With more than 1 million active users quick ride is one of the most user accepted platforms in India. The major cities are Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Kochi, Trivandrum, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata

Quick Ride is fully operational in these cities with plans of rapid expansion to the rest of the country. While booking a ride from any of these cities you can apply the Quick Ride coupons for amazing deals and discounts. Further, you can get lavish cashback for each of your rides through Vishumoney. Carpooling or Bikepooling with Quick Ride is always a joyful and interactive experience.

Amazing offers for the Socially conscious riders

They offer a highly personalized experience where you can choose to carpool with people who are in the same company and even the same tech park. This gives you the authority over who you travel with, unlike public transport. As the process is done in real-time and there is no delay or wait. The app equips you with ride tracking options with live ETA. The live chat feature helps you connect to all the members in a certain ride and coordinate efficiently.

By using the Quick Ride coupons you can avail exceptional discounts on your ride. This gives you great savings and greater reward as when you get the coupons from Vishumoney you are guaranteed a cashback as well. Quick Ride additionally gives you offers such as

  1. Sharing your carpooling story:  You can share your carpooling story and win 1000 points every month. The story with the most engagement will win the reward.
  2. Refer once earn every day: Promoting the references of its existing users Quick Ride offers a 2 percent commission for referring your friends, family, and co-workers.
  3. Quick ride screen champion: Get the legendary digital memento for the completion of 100 successful rides.
  4. Post a ride and get a ride free: Share your carpool experience on social media and get a ride free up to 100 points
  5. Refer your organization: When you refer your organization to join the go green initiative you can earn up to 3000 ride points.

Customer care contact details for Quick ride

For help and support write to Quick ride customer care support@quickride.in or call 80468 10628 or visit: https://quickride.in/contact.php 

How to avail the best Quick ride offers or coupons on Vishumoney?

  • The whole process to rideshare with the best the quick ride offers is very simple.
  • Find an amazing Quick ride coupon or offer from Vishumoney.
  • Copy the Quick ride promo code or visit the site through our offer link.
  • In the Quick ride app or site, find the available ride and book..
  • Specify the pickup time and drop location to get an estimate.
  • Log in to your Quick ride acc or sign up by entering your details.
  • On the payment page, paste the promo code for the discount.
  • Complete the payment for your ride-sharing booking on a Quick ride at the best price.