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Travelling made easier with Rapido

Traveling to different parts of your city is always a hassle following tight traffic conditions. This is intensified by the fact that there is a surprising lack of parking spaces for your vehicles in every major city in India. To top it off, the cost of ownership of a motorbike or a car is at an all-time high, making it a less attractive proposition. This is where Rapido bikes offer its rides, making sure every user has the freedom and the flexibility to choose their ride. As they have a wide presence in India, you can get a bike almost every time you are in need. Travel is effectively made simple and that too by bringing in the much-needed ease in your pockets.

Rapido offers its presence on all platforms

It is easy to find and use expert services. You can download the app directly to your phone, set it up according to your preference and start using the app. To make it universally accessible, the app can be downloaded to any mobile operating system, giving you any time access from any device. Some of the ways to get the app are:

1. Play Store: Get the app on the Google Play Store for your Android device
#next 2. IOS:Get the app on the Apple store for your Apple device
#next 3. Download APK: You can download the direct APK and install it on any other mobile operating system.

Rapido offers pan India presence

#next As more people flock into the busy cities of India, it gets more difficult for daily commuters to travel inside the city. It is said that on average a person in a big metro city like Bangalore spends almost two hours in traffic daily. When this is the case, it is much easier to hire a Rapido bike as you get the swiftness of a motorbike and also get chauffeured in your city. With expansion on top gear, they are right now active in the cities mentioned below:

#next Bangalore
#next Hyderabad
#next Gurgaon
#next Mysore
#next Vijayawada
#next Bhopal
#next Bhuvaneshwar
#next Patna
#next Trichy
#next Madurai
#next Coimbatore
#next Vishakapatnam
#next Indore

One app many advantages

#next Easy booking: Some of the major advantages of using the app is that it saves time by giving you easy and instant booking. Two taps and you are ready to go.
#next Insured rides: Every ride that you take on Rapido is insured, so there is no more worrying about your safety. All the captains(Riders) are verified professionals with lots of riding experience.
#next Economical: The most affordable way to commute in your city, quickly and on a budget. Further, use the Rapido promo codes to get rides at the lowest prices.
#next Safety: They provide all the safety gear such as Helmets and shower caps that will help to give you safety and a comfortable ride.