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Make Rental a Lifestyle Choice to Spend on Better Things

Buying things for home other than consumables eats away a major chunk of your savings monthly that can be as simple as an induction stove to an expensive item like furniture or washing machine, TV and more. This can be for someone who just relocated, started living on their own to a newly married couple who start their lives afresh. You will need a lot of basic things like where are you going to sit, sleep, eat or how you are going to wash your clothes, go to places. Buying them requires a huge amount that will negate your savings or going for EMIs involves a complicated process with the need to pay substantial interest. What makes the entire process fruitless after all this effort is the value of your purchase reduces to nothing in just a few months. It is time for you to upgrade to a rental lifestyle for huge savings that you can spend on better things like a vacation, mutual funds, SIPs and more. 

Get all these benefits by renting on Rentomojo which offers the most competitive prices on Furniture" Electronics Appliances two-wheelers to even Clothes. Not just on price when you rent on Rentomojo you get to change or update products when you rent them for a long term duration free relocation damage waiver no charge annual maintenance amongst others. The process of renting what you want on Rentomojo is very simple starting with the payment of a refundable deposit and profile creation for the item that you want. Then next track your delivery and choose to pay your rent even later with all payment modes accepted.                     


Products you Can Rent & Save Big from Rentomojo


Furniture: Be it your living room study room or bedroom have the right furniture to live snugly work productively for a happy home. Rent all types of furniture starting from sofas recliners Tv units center tables and more for your living room. Dining tables and chairs bar cabinets for the dining room and for study room or office you can rent a range of Chairs Study tables bookshelves. Their range of furniture for the bedroom is extensive with beds mattresses bedside tables wardrobes dressers drawers and whatnots for plush and comfortable living. Being the most rented category Rentomojo offers all items at a near to new condition for you to experience the product free from any worries.              

Appliances: The need for any happy home is comforts to reduce efforts on carrying out your day to day activities. This includes modern-day appliances such as TVs Washing machines ACs Coolers Induction stoves microwave ovens etc buying them all-new for a home can be a very daunting task as they will cost a handful. Rentomojo offers all modern-day kitchen and home appliances on rent that are new and good to use at a fraction of the cost. Rent for these items starts as low as Rs 139/ month making it highly accessible. Plus there is no need for any compromise as all variants of these appliances are offered such as LCD or LED TVs Front or Top load washing machines Convection or microwave Ovens giving you the choice as per the rental and need. You can strike off a substantial amount from the quoted rents for appliances using our Rentomojo coupons when you make the order. Just apply the Rentomojo coupon code at the check out to avail the same and also be treated to lavish Cashback for availing it exclusively through Vishumoney.                     

Electronics: If there is one thing that most of us cannot live without nowadays where ever we are from or whatever it is that we do from being a housewife Retired Citizen Working Professional or Student is mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. Electronic gadgets keep us connected to the outside world help us work efficiently enable us to improve our business through better communication learn new things through the internet and much more. The most common of these are Smartphones that can be found today in the hands of people from the ages of 15 to our elders for keeping in touch chatting viewing content and more but most of us cannot afford a good smartphone that can do it all well. Rentomojo offers flagship smartphones at very low rentals making it unnecessary to spend your savings on it. You can rent great smartphones such as iPhone X Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Poco F1 to mid-range ones such as Honor 8X Samsung Galaxy J8 etc. You can also rent other necessary electronics on Rentomojo like laptops that are vital for studies work to even casual browsing with offerings from brands such as HP Dell Lenovo with good configuration and very low rent. Either mobiles laptops or even both get it at an outstanding deal way lower than quoted by availing our amazing Rentomojo coupons. Just apply the Rentomojo coupon code to see the price drop and wait for a few days after the order to get a surprise of lavish Cashback on your Vishumoney wallet.             

Bikes: Travelling is an important function that most of us endure daily to go to work school college etc and most depend on public transport such as bus metro train. The whole experience is difficult to undertake the hampering of our duties because of which most of us prefer a personal vehicle but after hearing the EMIs it just becomes a distant dream. Well not anymore as Rentomojo offers two-wheelers at very low rentals than any EMI or vehicle rental services that become close to nothing especially when you opt for the 36-month plan. You can rent the common commuters such as Honda Activa Bajaj CT100 Honda Shine or popular cruiser Royal Enfield Classic or Thunderbird to the Bajaj Avenger and more all at highly accessible rentals. You can even upgrade to a similar or lower rental two-wheeler option while choosing the 36-month tenure available only on Rentomojo. You do not have to worry about any other cost such as service insurance maintenance etc all taken care of by Rentomojo. You can return for any reason get it relocated for free and even try the vehicle before you accept. Rentomojo offers two-wheelers that are in mint condition that will not make you have a second thought on using it ever.                

Apparel: Have you ever been late because of wasting time washing or ironing your shirt? Or have you been repeating the same clothes very often for the lack of choices in your wardrobe as new clothes especially topwear like shirts or T-shirts cost a lot of money Rentomojo offers Apparel now on rent to save you from this hardship with the concept of Shirt box? Here you get to choose a total of 10 shirts in a box out a huge range and request for it to be dropped. All of the shirts are washed well ironed and packed like new before they are delivered to you. Oh by the way the delivery is free of cost wherever you are in the city Rentomojo serves making it another reason going for it. You can request for up to 2 boxes a month that gets you a total of 20 shirts of types such as Formal Shirts Casual Shirts Tshirts like Henleys Roundnecks Polo necks and more. Rentomojo processes your order quickly so that you can take it up even on short notice thereby giving you no excuse to show up to work or anywhere shabbily. Keeping the latest fashion trends in mind Rentomojo offers Shirts and Tshirts that are from some of the top brands and refreshed or added with new ones regularly for a great choice of options. The whole subscription costs Rs 1999 for 2 boxes a month wherein you get your first ever Rentomojo Shirt box for absolutely free. But that can even be reduced by applying our Rentomojo coupons for discounts plus extra cashback on every order.                    


Rent Combo Packages for Best Savings on Rentomojo

Ever furnished a room and shopped everything for a home in one shot? Well if you have or have not the truth is that the process can be very expensive and time-consuming as something as simple as the bed we sleep in consists of the Cot Mattress Sheets Pillows and more. Imagine totaling the cost or browsing through hundreds of options when you can just rent a combo of properly preselected best options for the best combination and most effective rental cost. Rentomojo offers Combo packages on everything from a specific category like furniture based on rooms like the living room dining bedroom or also based on the type of home or apartment like a studio apartment 2BHK 1BHK and others. You can find amazing combos of furniture appliances electronics that are space or purpose-specific like dining study room bar storage etc all to make your living more convenient through Rentomojo combos. Starting as low as Rs 657/ month you can just choose what suits you and your place and book it without any hassle. Get great deals on Rentomojo Combo packages to sweeten the rental even better with Vishumoney Rentomojo coupons and deals. Once you find the best one just copy the Rentomojo coupon code and apply for the rental price to lower and get lavish cashback for it.               

Enjoy Great Savings per month paying RMI than EMI                             
We are sure that you want to know how much can be renting your furniture appliances electronics two-wheelers and even shirt save every month to take in the step of a Renting lifestyle.                          

Firstly when you go and purchase an item its priced is marked to the retail value with at the max some discounts wherever you purchase it while Rentomojo purchases all of the items in bulk thereby at a wholesale price that is substantially lower than what you can get it for. Next imagine that you plan to purchase via EMI then apart from the product price you will need to pay additional amounts for the interest processing fee GST & taxes all inflating the cost to a very high amount leading you to pay almost 30% extra. Rentomojo offers all of its products at a very reasonable RMI which is firstly around 50% lesser than the EMI based on the duration that you rent it for plus there are no additional charges that are hidden.                         

Not owning a thing will reduce your burden on trying to resell when you wish to upgrade it but in Rentomojo you can upgrade your item to a different one when you take longterm rentals. Talking about the hassle of transportation and handling of these heavy and big items like furniture appliances etc is also nothing as Rentomojo offers free delivery and relocation. You can make those RMIs even lower by applying Rentomojo coupons while renting an item that will get you substantial discounts to save money plus Cashback as Rewards for availing the service through Vishumoney.                           


Spend Less When you Rent Longer on Rentomojo

#next Like an EMI that reduces substantially when you take it for a longer-term so does the RMI costing almost extremely low when you choose their longest term of 3 years that would practically be around 50% less than what would be quoted for a year.                            

But with just the benefit of price can you make a longterm commitment? Rentomojo did not think so as well but which is why they offer more than the ordinary benefits with free product swaps to a newer product whose RMI value is the same or lower than the rented product. This gives you an edge in terms of those committing to a product that they need to live with until the end of its life cycle. So say you rented a particular phone like the iPhone X for 3 years and after using it for more than a year see the iPhone XR that is newly launched and fresh. As you chose the 3-year rental plan you can request for the product swap and use the new model with no extra charges if the RMI for that product is the same as your original one.                            

That is not all as when it comes to any product be it furniture electronics or two-wheelers they need to be cleaned and maintained at least once a year. If you bought the product wholly or through EMI the cost of having it cleaned will need to be borne by you but Rentomojo offers free Cleaning once a year and maintenance for a vehicle concerning its model.                            

Lastly anything we use a definite or common factor is damages or wear and tear of it that would be small and minor usually. But as it is a rental product you do not need to worry about charges but rather have peace of mind as Rentomojo offers free Damage Waiver of up to Rs 1000 that would cover scratches tears chips and other minute damages that just cannot be prevented. So there should be no reason for you to not go for a 3-year rental plan but possibly the RMI for which Vishumoney has you covered with highly saving Rentomojo coupons and offers that will lower your RMI substantially.                          


Why Choose Rentomojo for all your Rental needs?

If you have chosen to onboard the rental lifestyle then Rentomojo offers the perfect service for you. As you can Rent Furniture Appliances Electronics Two Wheelers Apparel and more on Rentomojo not needing you to look for multiple services for each of them. You can rent them all and more at the best rental charges or RMIs as Rentomojo puts it along with combo offers to reduce your cost even further with hassle-free furnishing for your entire home or just a section of it. After seeing all Rentomojo offers for long term rental and makes it a no brainer other than others commenting on you committed to a non owned product for long get free product swaps for those that are of the same or lower rental. All this convinces you of the price but we want you to steal it which you can by applying our Rentomojo Coupons while renting for a great discount that lower your RMI even further. Want more? Get amazing Cashback when you avail our Rentomojo coupon code that will take care of other expenses. You can also say goodbye to cleaning maintenance and small damages when you rent only from Rentomojo all of which is taken care of effectively. Just do not forget to use the Rentomojo promo code for best benefits. "