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What leads to the setting up of Vogo?

With the migration of youngsters from villages and towns to top metros, the cities are spreading beyond reach by more than two bus trips. There was a need for easy to use, no overhead cost, and a convenient form of transport free from surge pricing or other such non-user-friendly services. Enter Vogo an On-Demand two-wheeler rental services that are affordable and easy to use. Most importantly Vogo makes absolute sense as a great transportation option for all the upcoming people that range from Students, Graduates in search of jobs, housewives, and even senior citizens who may not be able to afford or need a personal vehicle or even have space as our metros are very congested. 

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Add to the service cost, separate fuel cost, parking, insurance renewals to just name a few, Vogo eliminates all these hassles saving not just money but time and the effort involved. What makes it all the while worth it is Vishumoney bring you exclusive Vogo coupons to save on every ride plus a chance to earn lavish Cashback. Just use the Vogo coupon code VNOW to get your first two Vogo rides absolutely free of cost.

Is Vogo cheaper than other modes of transport?

To find out if Vogo's two-wheeler rental effectively is cheaper than other modes of transport let us understand what the other modes of transport are. Also, we need to compare the cost on a monthly basis for each of them with Vogo bike rental to come to a proper conclusion. The comparison goes as follows:    


Most of the general public travel through Bus as an affordable form of commute even today as bike rental such as Vogo is a fairly new concept. But there are known issues like travel to the bus stop frequency of buses filled seats with no place to sit multiple stops increasing travel time and most importantly the need to change multiple ones to reach a far destination. After compromising on all the above factors for affordability an open view would reveal that it is suitable for people who need to go to schools, college, offices as others whose jobs may involve going to multiple places end up needing to pay for multiple tickets. The great advantage of Vogo bike rental is that you are charged per minute so travel involving 10 mins that a lot of us may mostly need will not exceed Rs 20. Especially after using exclusive Vogo coupons that are available on Vishumoney that offer free rides huge discounts plus Cashback on every ride.


A fairly new form of transport available in the major cities in India the metro trains connect the city fairly enough but bring almost the same disadvantages as buses. Commuters need to reach the metro station by themselves or through feeder buses that are fairly nonexistent. Plus they have strict timing schedules and an unbelievable amount of people traveling at the same that will get you hard enough space to even stand. But as public transport is developed not just to reduce the cost but also the wastage of resources self-rental services like Vogo actually support the usage of the metro by having a rental station in every metro station for commuters coming from other places to drop their rides or to rent bikes to move to a nearby place. So a normal commuter can definitely afford to get to a metro station by Vogo bike rental travel to the metro station that is closest to their destination and finally moves by renting a bike again. While the cost of using the metro remains the same you can rent bikes on Vogo at unbelievably low prices per trip especially by using our exclusive Vogo coupons. Also, get a collateral deal or a freebie from us to motivate you for the simple extra step as Vishumoney Lavish Cashback on every booking.

Taxi  Auto or Pool

Traditional usage of taxi or auto by calling out loud on the road is now declining exponentially especially in cities. A replacement that promised the convenience of on-demand booking anywhere pick up affordable and transparent cost pooling etc has been on the rise by services such as OLA  UBER  and others. You can choose the type of vehicle as some even offer bike taxis as a quick solution. They have now become indispensable because of which the cost-effectiveness hardly exists due to cleverly termed additional charges like peak time charges or surge pricing that is not transparent but worry not for any such issues with Vogo. All you need is to know is how to ride a two-wheeler a valid driving license and finally, a smartphone to book a Vogo bike rental anytime you need to go somewhere. No need for calls to the driver explains directions pooling with strangers or anything else. The most important factor being price is totally quashed with very affordable rates given by Vogo bike rental. If you still think that the charges could be lower which you should just apply our exclusive Vogo coupons every time you book a ride as it gets you a huge discount and also a chance to earn lavish cashback. So move around smartly with Vogo bike rental that is convenient cost-effective and fun.

Why Vogo is better than its competitors?

Vogo bike rental is a service started to encourage people to stop purchasing their own vehicles. Thereby cost-effectiveness has been Vogo bike rental services huge strength offering rides as low as Rs 1.20 per min. The final decision to use the service also depends on how far is a Vogo station from the location you are at. Vogo also offers discounts when you book them for a long duration such as for more than a day. This eliminates the need to book every time you need one as the effective cost is still way lower than owning a two-wheeler by yourself. Some of Vogo bike rental service competitors are Bounce  Wheelstreet  Drivezy  ONN bikes  Metro bikes etc which are purely for commuting hence have a very small vehicle lineup. There are many other bike rental services that are purely for long-duration rentals to go on trips. Of the many city commuter bike rental services, Vogo offers one of the most competitive rates with a fairly large number of Vogo stations around Bangalore and Hyderabad. The other main differentiator is that the cost consists of fuel that makes it highly economical. They also offer new users to first try the Vogo bike rental service absolutely free of cost. Just use the Vogo coupon code VNOW to get your first two Vogo rides absolutely free of cost. They are expanding aggressively to other cities as well with their services being widely appreciated by the users. The price advantage easy availability and seamless process have made Vogo the best bike rental service there are. One can also avail of Vogo bike rental services at even lower prices with Vishumoney exclusive Vogo coupons and earn additional cashback.

How to rent a Bike on Vogo?

It is very simple to rent a bike on Vogo. You will just need to follow the steps below:

  • Download the Vogo app on Play store on App store & Sign Up.
  • In the Sign Up complete the process of uploading your driver's license and wait for the approval.
  • Once approved enable location on your smartphone and look for a Vogo station nearby.
  • Then go to the Vogo station and specify when you need to rent the bike.
  • After selecting your rental bike from the available options specify the duration you will need to rent it.
  • An approximate price is quoted where you need to make the payment.
  • Ensure you have copied the coupon code from Vishumoney that you will need to redeem in the apply coupon section.
  • See your quoted price decrease on applying coupons and then make the payment for the new amount.
  • Go to your Vogo bike and scan the QR code beside it.
  • You will get an OTP that you will need to input on the bike keypad.
  • The bike key will release that you need to use for turning On the bike.
  • When you reach the destination turn Off the bike and enter the key back to the fob.

Why use our coupons on Vogo bike rental?

Vishumoney enables you to save money in every product or service by providing the most discounting Coupons highest saving deals and lavish Cashback on every transaction done through it. Vogo bike rental is a very beneficial service that offers low-cost easy commute but to make it always a better deal Vishumoney brings you exclusive Vogo coupons and offers that also first lets you try the service for absolutely free. Just use the Vogo coupon code VNOW to get your first two Vogo rides absolutely free of cost. The VNOW Vogo coupon code is exclusive to Vishumoney so after availing of it every time you book a ride on Vogo from us you can also earn lavish Cashback. So do not forget to use Vishumoney exclusive Vogo Coupons on every booking!
Vogo customer care contact details

To book a Vogo bike on rental call: +080 3351 2332 Or visit their help page https://vogo.in/faq