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Unlock two-wheeler freedom with Wicked Ride

The greatest experiences in life are truly felt when you are the one with the activity, and biking has given many the freedom to go ahead from their normal life and do something adventurous and exciting at the same time. Wicked Ride offers the users amazing value for money offerings that give you amazing bikes at an hourly cost. Started with a fleet of 8 bikes the fleet now includes bikes such as continental GT650, Harley Davidson Street 750, to even Ducati which will give you that adrenaline pump every time you drive it. To make the deal even sweeter you can now apply the Wicked Ride promo codes to get amazing discounts on your next booking. Getting your promo codes from Vishumoney means that you can avail of a lavish cashback every time you are renting a bike.

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Every time you want to rent a bike  Wicked Ride should make a compelling proposition as the cost of renting a bike is far less than what is available with the competitors. That is because Wicked Ride had set the industry on toes with its affordable offerings and varied collection of motorcycles. With many following their footsteps, none has been able to offer the same value.

Hiring a bike is an easy affair as in a few steps you are ready to go and you can apply Wicked Ride promo code for discounts. The steps to follow to book your favorite rides are: 

Choose the location: Choose the location and the city from which you would like to rent the bike. The website and the app also auto-selects the location you are in at the time of booking.

Choose the date and time: Choose the date and time at which you would like to rent the bike. You can select the start date and time and also select the end date and time of returning your bike.

Choose a Bike: You can next select your favorite bike that you would like to rent from the roaster. You have the option to sort them by filters such as brands and prices. The displayed bikes will show the total amount you have to pay for the total duration of renting the bike. All that is left to do is to choose your bike.

Log in or register: Login to your account or register to get exclusive Wicker Rides to offer and discounts. After you log in you can select and apply the Wicked Ride coupons exclusively available on Vishumoney.

Confirm and checkout: You can confirm the booking and other details like the make and duration of the rental and they move into the final step of payment. You can also apply your exclusive Wicked Ride promo code here.

The Wicked Ride offers an amazing fleet at a click of a button

Wicked Ride gives you the best fleet found anywhere with an amazing choice of bikes from all categories all the way from Dukes to Ducati; it will have a bike for everyone. The bikes are well maintained and updated with the latest parts and customs so that you can have a carefree and enjoyable riding experience every time you rent from Wicked Ride. Some of the top brands that are available on Wicked Ride are Harley Davidson  Triumph  Royal Enfield  Yamaha  Kawasaki  Mahindra  Benelli  BMW  Ducati  Honda  KTM  Bajaj and more. Further, you can get these bikes at the lowest prices with Wicked Ride Coupon codes. Wicked Ride promo code adds to the fact that it makes renting these bikes that much easier and cheaper we all love discounts, don't we? 

The catalogs of vehicles available are a click away and you can rent them from the locations that are specified to you and the availability of the bikes. The pickup point and drop can be according to the location that you have selected. While booking your bike you re to submit a few of your documents for verification such as a copy of your passport, Aadhar, or a test mail from your corporate Email ID, one rupee swipes with either your Debit card or your Credit Card.

For students: The original College ID card, Original Aadhar card, One Rupee Swipe with your Debit or Credit card

All the riders have to have mandatory drivers license and the international travelers need to show their International driver's license at the time of pickup. The speed limit has also been set for the bikes with the sub 500 cc bikes at 100Kmph and the more powerful superbikes at 120 Kmph. So get your favorite bikes to be it Duke 200 for the city  Harley Davidson Roadster for the highway  Royal Enfield interceptor for the feel of it. Your choices are practically endless and you can get the bikes at an amazing discount by using the exclusive Wicked Ride coupons that are available on Vishumoney and get lavish cashback on all your Bike rentals from Wicked Ride. 

Exclusive trips and Biker plans only with Bikation

Wicked Ride is a one-stop destination for bikers to get the best biking experience be it renting a bike or even taking part in conducted tours that Wicked Ride offers. There are many varieties of rides through different terrains and locations and are done in a safe but adventurous manner with proper team leaders and guides. This means you can experience a whole lot of places on amazing bikes at the lowest cost. Most of the trips are at the duration of a day or two. At the moment Wicked Ride offers 12 trips to places such as Ooty  Agumbe  Coorg and other offbeat places which would provide you with amazing value for money experience and memorable biking scenarios that you would remember for a long time. You can also use the Wicked Ride Promo code to get amazing discounts and deals on your exclusive tips that Wicked Ride offers. 

Wicked Ride also offers Biker Plans which is an exclusive bulk booking where you can pay once and rent your selection of bikes several times as per the plan. Some of the most famous and in-demand plans are The Swinger where you can rent Street 750  Iron 883  Super Low and Bonneville for as low as Rs 60 000 for 10 rides. The Maverick also gives you some fun options where you can select super-bikes and get up to 22 rides for the cost of a combine of Rs 1 0 000. Enjoy this unique facility with your Friends or go around exploring solo with the exclusive Wicked Ride Promo codes that are available on Vishumoney It's your trip you decide.

Earn with India's first bike-sharing community on Wicked Ride

Wicked Ride has the hearts of hundreds of bikers around India for their excellent services and premium fleet of bikes on offer. Wicked Ride offers a unique program called Earn from your bike program which gives you the flexibility to purchase your favorite bike as well as earn from it by renting it out to fellow riders who want to rent the bike. You will get the opportunity to buy the bike and get it associated with Wicked Ride to join the program and earn from your bike rented out to fellow riders. You can get the riders to ride them and manage the bookings revenue and timely services that your bike needs from authorized service centers. This program helps you get the best out of owning a bike and also gives you the necessary freedom to sit back relax and spend your money on bikes and products that matter the most. 

With healthy returns, all the way from three percent to seventeen percent the criteria are that no used bikes would be accepted, and only new bikes are taken in as a part of the program for the best customer experience. The bike would be registered in the name of Wicked Ride and so will be the rental invoice during registration. The complete membership will be with the investor and the vehicle is transferred back at the time of exit. There will also be a GPS that would be connected to the bike through which you can track the vehicle movements and even shut down the engine immediately. All you have to do is fill-up the form and an executive will reach out to the client. Several promotions such as Wicked Ride promo codes also attract a huge customer base.

Wicked Ride offers the most flexible and exclusive deals and discounts. Further, you can grab the exclusive discount from Wicked Ride coupons and get bikes at a lower cost than previously quoted. The best bikes are only a click away and you can get the ultimate ride of your life with the best bikes exclusively from Wicked ride the number one Bike rental company in India.

Rent Bikes with Wicked Ride coupons for amazing discounts

Rent your favorite bikes with the best discounts and deals that are available on the market exclusively with the Wicked Ride coupons available on Vishumoney. You will have the freedom to choose your bike from any of the categories such as commuter bikes to even super-bikes that are well above 1000cc and get the best discounts on them. Rental costs will never again become a problem with the use of Wicked Ride promo codes. You will also get extra discounts with your purchases as Vishumoney gives you amazing cashback for your purchases giving you further savings after the discount. You also get the best bikes that are available with some of the brands including Ducati, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Bajaj, KTM, etc. So, hit the street running with the most awesome bikes at the lowest prices and apply the Wicked Ride promo code to get the best deals on the bikes.

Excellent presence at all corners of India

Wicked Ride offers its services in most of the parts in India and gives you the freedom to select the location and bike from anywhere. You can further get amazing discounts by applying the Wicked Ride coupon codes for your rides. Some of the major locations where Wicked Ride is present are, Bangalore, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mysore, Bhuj, Ahmedabad, Hampi, Belgavi, Jaisalmer. Amazing offer is available on each and every location by applying the Wicked Ride promo code and get the bike at a much lower price.

Wicked Ride offers easy bookings and cancellations

Bike lovers prefer Wicked Ride for more than one reason and one of the main reasons is that Wicked Ride offers a very easy bike rental process where you can complete the booking of your bike in a few steps instead of taking hours to checkout with the bike. Your booking will get confirmed when the payment made has been paid and received. Even the cancellation process is also very straight forward as they give you the option of cancellation at any point in time. The widely accepted schedule for booking is that if the booking is less than a week away then no refund. If the duration is between one week and two weeks you get a refund of 50 %.if the cancellation is due to breakdown or nonavailability get the full discount. So get the best bikes and ride the largest collection of bikes and apply the Wicked Ride promo code for amazing discounts on your bookings.

Wicked Ride customer care contact details

To book a bike call 080 4689 7400 or For more details, visit https://www.wickedride.com/contact-us