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Women deserve nothing but the best

Purchasing designer Bra and lingerie have always been a difficult proposition for women as most of the retail outlets in India don't sell those. Zivame offers to bring the store to women through the exciting as well as easy to use website and app. Gone are the days of limited access to innerwear as Zivame believes every woman is unique and every woman loves different designs and has made it a mission to make it accessible to every woman in India.

As far as quality is concerned, Zivame offers the best products that are designed and manufactured with the most premium equipment to give you superior fit, finish, and support. The best part is that with the quality is top-notch, Zivame has also managed to keep the prices low and has also bundled in a few exclusive offers to give the users amazing value for money. To make this possible Zivame works hard on the entire supply chain to bring you the products at the lowest rates possible.

Additionally, Zivame offers exclusive discounts and deals in a partnership with Vishumoney. By applying the Zivame coupon code you can get instant discounts on the purchases of your favorite products. Getting your coupons from Vishumoney also gives you amazing savings as you get lavish cashback every time you make a purchase using the Zivame coupon code that is provided by Vishumoney. Getting your innerwear has never been so easy and simple for women in India. With the extra offerings to bring value to the customers such as Bra size calculator, Zivame coupon codes, eGift card, Zivame blog, and a video series called the Zivame fit secrets, the women of India will be empowered to shine with confidence and comfort every day.

Wear it with confidence, wear it with style

When it comes to women's innerwear, fit and comfort are as important as the design. The design plays a major role as everyone prefers different designs and to avail these designs, stores will need a huge inventory and keep updating of the latest trends as per the industry. Zivame offers women the freedom to uninhibitedly shop for intimate wears. This has changed the perception of the purchase of innerwear among women in India to break the norms. Zivame has built a community around these passionate women influencing more from every corner of India. The entire Online and offline stores are easy to access and they bring the latest launches and new categories to the masses. The best offers for the exclusive Zivame clothing can be utilized by using the Zivame coupons that are available.

Confidence is an attribute that defines a person and Zivame has reinvented lingerie and outerwear with design innovation. They have a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals spending hours creating every single piece to make women feel beautiful every time they wear a Zivame product. The delight of the unexpected is the best surprise that you can ask and Zivame fulfills it every time you make a purchase.

Zivame is adored by ladies because of their flexibility to always remain inclusive, and create products for everybody regardless of size or age. They also use processes that put women first and continue to do good for society. With women involved in every stage of the process, Zivame continues to positively impact women throughout the entire cycle of creation to delivery. Innovation has been the cornerstone by which Zivame has been built, by giving innovative and fresh fashion to women. Quality is uncompromised when crafting these exceptional pieces of innerwear for women as they stay true to what women really want and need. Zivame has positioned itself in such a way that they cater to the whole spectrum of the society, all ages, and all sizes, giving the freedom of true choice and seamless purchase to millions of women.

One of the major factors that make this widespread service possible is the pricing of the products that they sell. All products regardless of the designs are placed at attractive price points that will make it accessible and empower every woman to purchase the products from Zivame at will. You also get amazing Zivame coupons and by applying them at the checkout screen where you can unlock amazing discounts and deals for your selected products. You can also get amazing cashback on all purchases made through the Zivame promo code procured through Vishumoney.

All the sizes and more with a dedicated calculator

Most women go through life without the knowledge that there are perfect fitting Bra and specific designs that will cater to their liking. The major problem that Zivame has identified is that most women don't know how to measure themselves. That means most women have to adjust and compromise for the right Bra size, as they lack the knowledge or a place that would help them comfortably measured. The revolutionary method of finding the perfect Bra fitting has been introduced by Zivame that can help women take their measurements at the comfort of their homes.

Zivame gets you an easy way to get the right measurements and comfort. All you need as prerequisites are a measuring tape, a mirror, the Bra size calculator, and the video guide that Zivame offers to get you going in the right direction. This also helps as two women who are of the same build and size but the same size bra may not work for both of them. And, there may be instances where you would need a pushup bra with better padding as compared to other women who would prefer a nonpadded bra that's made with molded cups. There is no universal size, shape, or fit of bra that women should wear. So getting the best fit entirely depends upon you. 

You also get the best of the products at amazing prices with the Zivame coupons that are available on Vishumoney. While applying the Zivame coupon code at the checkout window, you can unlock lavish discounts for the products in your cart. Further, you also make better savings as you not only get the discounts but also a cashback from Vishumoney for each and every purchase that you make.

Zivame has got the best research-backed ways to get you looking and feeling good. They have identified 11 types of breast profiles. Obviously, your local lingerie store and salespeople will not be knowledgeable about all of them.  But Zivame has introduced the new and exciting Fitcode, where you can identify the breast profile and find your correct measurements. Not only that, you can now analyze factors such as the fullness of your breasts, the gap in between, and your dressing preferences to give some recommendations of the different bra styles that may be exactly suited to you. So get your Fit code and apply the Zivame coupons to get the right fitting bra at the right price.

The cups present in the Zivame bra play a crucial part but then the underwire, the straps, and the band play major roles in lingerie. Zivame offers a bra with wire support underneath the bust while the straps keep the cups closer to the body. Further, the cups provide easy coverage and the band keeps your breasts in place. So, every time you are selecting a bra, just don't look for something with pretty prints, look for all these attributes listed above. The best part is you can safely purchase as all bra collections from Zivame gives you each of these attributes and also give you amazing discounts with the help of the Zivame promo codes.

Zivame offers the widest categories and the best collection

When it comes to selection and the widest categories, Zivame has the upper hand as they have a huge inventory of women, of all sizes and designs. To access this you can log onto their website or even walk into one of their offline stores to access the collection. What makes Zivame stand out is the ease at which the user can navigate and choose their preferred Bra all at the click of a button. This is made possible with an easy to navigate website and an amazing set of categories that are self-explanatory and easy to use. Some of their major categories are:

  • Bra: You can select the bra on Zivame by collection such as new arrivals, Beautiful basics, Beginners Bra, essentials, Bridals, Cotton, Curvy, etc. you can select by style such as Tshirt Bra, Sports Bra, Minimiser Bra, Strapless Bra, Backless Bra. Zivame offers you bra by preference like padded, front open, nonpadded, push up, high coverage, wired, and more. Brands such as Zivame, Rosaline, Enamor, Jockey, and more. All these collections can be purchased with the help of the Zivame coupons and get amazing discounts for all your purchases.
  • Nightwear: Nightwear is an essential category that is getting popular every day. Zivame offers some of the best nightwear you can unlock exciting deals and discounts with the Zivame coupon code. You can select the nightwear by Collection such as Tropical, Beach Party, Midnight munchies, Satin, Disney, cute prints, and more. You can select by style such as pajamas, nightdresses, babydolls, slips, you can select by sets such as all sets, shorts sets, Capri sets, pajama sets and by brands such as Zivame, Jockey, etc. Explore this extensive collection as it has something for everyone.
  • Activewear: Get your selection of the favorite activewear for your perfect workout or yoga sessions from Zivame. Zivame offers the widest range of designs, fits, and brands for activewear and you can select it by collections such as color block, Low Intensity, Medium Intensity, and high intensity. You sort it through activities such as Training and gym, Dance and Zumba, Yoga, Running, and walking. Select your favorite activewear by categories such as sports bra, leggings, tank tops, jackets, vests, and more. You can also apply the exclusive Zivame coupons at the time of checkout and get your purchases at a discounted rate.
  • Panties: As far as comfort is concerned, you can get the best products that will fit you and make you feel comfortable throughout the day. Get the best quality panties at the lowest prices by applying the Zivame coupon code. You can select by preference such as tummy tuckers, No Pany Line, Full Coverage, Mid Waist, Low Waist, Boyshorts, Hipsters, and Bikini. You can buy them as packs of 2 and 3 and also from brands such as Zivame, Rosaline, jockey, Lavos.
  • Shapewear: You can choose your shapewear by style such as saree shapewear, Shaper panties, Shaping bodysuits, Thigh shapers, Shaping camis and slips, etc. You can target areas to be shaped such as Belly and love handles, Lower Abdomen, Thigh shaping, Rear shaping. You can choose by control level such as Low control, Medium control, High Control. Ultimately you can select brands like Zivame, Dermawear, Enamor, Jockey, Swee, and more. You can apply the Zivame promo codes for your purchases and get amazing cashback from Vishumoney.
  • Accessories: The accessories that are available on Zivame cover all the varieties that are needed by modern women. Zivame offers easy categories to find and buy these accessories and also makes sure you get them at the best price with the help of Zivame coupons. You can choose the accessories by type such as Swim and beach, Stockings, Outwear accessories, Bra solutions, Miracle cami, Eye Mask, Intimate care.
  • Sale: You can find your favorite items on sale and get them at a discounted rate anywhere from 30%to 60%. You also get offers such as Activewear to buy 1 get 1 free and bra to buy 1 get 1 free and also promotions such as to get 3 at Rs 1111 and more. You can also apply the Zivame coupon code at the checkout and get extra discounts on the sale of products.

Amazing Zivame coupons to get you exciting discounts

Zivame aims to cater to all women from all walks of life. As a way to empower women and make the products more accessible Zivame offers amazing discounts on their products. Since Zivame has a huge inventory of amazing designs and fit and finished innerwear, you can get them at the lowest price point exclusively by applying the Zivame coupons at the time of checkout. You can get the Zivame coupons from Vishumoney and also get amazing cashback on all your purchases. With the Zivame coupon code, you can get the stated discount added to the product at the time of purchase. This helps you get the product at a much lower price point. Get the best Zivame offers and deals only on Vishumoney and also get the best discounts by using the Zivame coupons.

Gifting made easy with Zivame

Gifting can be a huge task as it is basically very hard to source the right products and send them to the right address manually. Zivame offers a very convenient gifting option for your loved ones by giving you a variety of options. You can call for not so usual gifts, Wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for another special day. You can also get gift cards that can be used by the recipient to purchase from Zivame. You can use the Zivame coupons and log into Vishumoney to get amazing deals on Gifting from Zivame.

Seamless payment, shipping, and returns

The experience of purchasing on Zivame is amazing, you are pampered with the variety and then they have an easy checkout process. You can track your orders and returns with a click of a button and also see the status of your orders in your account. They have an easy shipping policy and also give you the option to apply Zivame promo codes for your purchases. With each of your orders discreetly packaged you are in no worries collecting your order anywhere, even in your office. All your orders are dispatched within 24 hours and you can get an easy 15 day returns and exchange with your order. Zivame accepts all modes of payment such as Credit/Debit cards, online E-wallets, Net banking, and other modes of payment. So hurry get your dream bra and lingerie from Zivame and feel the confidence you deserve.

Customer care contact details of Zivame

For help and support, visit https://www.zivame.com/#support or call their customer care number 0821-4232000 or write an email feedback@zivame.com